Monday, September 24, 2012

We will be under going some major changes globally over the next few months...

Please keep us in your prayers.

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Thank you and may God continue to guide and influence you in every area of your life.

Pastor Kevin Brown

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Colorado Shootings:

On the Aurora, Colorado shootings: First and formost my heart and my mind grieve for those who have lost a loved one!

There are a lot of things being said in respects to God in all this. Some will sieze the opportunity to jolt the conscience of a Nation, and in some ways that may be necessary, in some ways it may be good, however, unless you weigh it out with a somewhat mature spirit in Christ, it is like reading the Bible and attempting to understand God, without first having a relationship with Him and His Holy Spirit within.

I prefer to attempt in someway to deal with the question; "Where was God during the shootings?" In my humble opinion, based on what knowledge I have in my personal relationship with God thru Jesus Christ. God was there way before the shooting started!

He, maybe was even "screaming" loudly to all who should have had an ear tuned to Him! First and foremost, He was talking to the shooter in an attempt to heal his thoughts into love and not hate! He was sending the message to the prophets, pastors, teachers, apostles and evangelists out there in that community - that someone needs help before they hurt others. Yet, like any message, if your do not hear it, how can you effectually respond to it? I wish not to point the finger at the lost in the community. Nor will I blame the unbeliever, those not walking with God.  Not even an unrepentant Nation!

I think the Body of Christ needs to look deeply into themselves to see just what God is saying and then acting on behalf of God in every situation with the wisdom, compassion, love, blood and mercy of Christ.

The Church needs to ARISE! In this dark hour and let the Spirit of The Lord, within them loose... "Let your light so shine, let God manifest through you, otherwise why have Him within you?" God moves through a people in the earth. 

As for who went to heaven and who went to hell on that night? I will leave that up to more learned men to answer.  I can tell you God knows!

"Can you hear HIM now!!?"

"I hear Him weeping and still shouting out loud about someone else, hurt, sick, apart from Him, who has become victim to the plans of evil upon others..." Maybe, if someone close enough to that ill person turns on an ear, and gains the grace and courage to "bring good news, before they author more bad news... just maybe God can not only be there, but through one faithful servant, change the outcome long before it occurs."  Jesus remains Lord!